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You've come to the right place if...


You grew up hearing that you are "overly sensitive" and struggle with anxiety… you lack confidence and want more from your life. You experienced a lot in your early years and you sense it still impacts you somewhere deep inside.

You struggle with fear and perfectionism ... you can get so upset when something doesn't go just right, it feels hard to find the breaks.

Sometimes you can lose it. Afterward, you can get stuck in so much shame and embarrassment... it's heartbreaking. You worry that if things seem this hard now...what will your future hold?

You have a child that struggles with fear and perfection. You recognize that time moves fast and know that the messages she believes about herself will impact her for a lifetime.

You want to set her up to not only survive her story but to thrive.. to lead... to live her best life!

Can you imagine if...

You knew you weren't alone and had someone ready to help point the way.


You could learn to work with your unique story and personality in order to reign in anxiety and 

had the tools and strategies you needed to be the best version of yourself.

You could gain confidence through counseling from the security of your own home. 

You could learn self-care practices that would help you through life and had strategies and insights to care for yourself so that you can make a lasting impact on your career, family, and future.

I'm Susan Killeen and I would love the opportunity to help you through my online counseling practice so that you can overcome messages of fear and shame and go forward in truth and joy! 

We see the world not as it is, 
but as we are. 

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